The Best Sprinkler Connection for Heap Leach Mining

NDS® Mining Solutions

A leader in irrigation and flow management, NDS specializes in cost-effective heap leach mining irrigation solutions. Our anti-corrosive sprinkler connections save time and resources with a simple installation process, helping today’s miners focus on what’s really important - finding precious metals.

Clamp-It Saddle

The Best Corrosion-Proof Sprinkler Connection for Mining Irrigation Lines

With proven success in copper and gold mines across North America, NDS® Clamp-It Saddles are quickly becoming the preferred spray head connection in heap leach applications. Designed from a highly durable PVC material, these saddles are engineered without bolts or other metals to provide high pressure leak-free performance, especially when used with highly corrosive chemicals like cyanide and sulfuric acid. Compatible with both HDPE and PVC pipes, Clamp-It features a patented wedge system that installs quickly and secures firmly around the irrigation piping – providing miners with a quicker, more cost-effective solution than competitive products.

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Key Features

The perfect solution for mining’s heap leaching sprinkler systems

Fast, easy installation
Patented wedge design secures the unit firmly in 3 simple steps
Withstands highly corrosive chemicals like cyanide and sulfuric acid
Longer lasting
High pressure, leak-free performance outlasts competitive products
Proven success
Stands up to the demands of gold and copper mines across North America
Highly compatible
Engineered for use with HDPE and PVC pipe in a variety of sizes
Bolt-free design
Fastens in as little as 45 seconds, for considerably less set-up time

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

From 1.5"-8" diameter pipes with ¾"-2" outlets, Clamp-It comes in a range of sizes. The most popular SKUs are noted below. Contact an NDS representative for additional options.

Part #
3"x ¾" FIPT Saddle
4"x¾" FIPT Saddle for Poly Pipe
2"x ¾" FIPT Saddle
3"x1" FIPT Saddle
4"x2" FIPT Saddle

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